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Auto Insurance

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State Insurance has partnered with some of the largest, most respected auto insurance carriers in the industry to provide coverage for cars, motorcycles, motor homes, and recreational vehicles. Through these relationships, State Insurance is able to help you select a policy that meets your risk tolerance and budget.

What we offer:

Bodily Injury Liability (BI) Coverage

This coverage may pay for death or serious injury to others when you are legally liable for those damages. If an insured is sued, the insurer can provide legal representation as well.

Property Damage Liability (PD) Coverage

Property Damage pays for damages that an insured is legally liable for, including physical damage to, or destruction of, tangible property of another, including loss of use. If an insured is sued, the insurer can provide legal representation.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage

PIP pays 80 percent of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of a covered injury, regardless of who caused the accident. This includes medically necessary medical, surgical, x-ray, dental, and rehabilitative services, including prosthetic devices and medically necessary ambulance, hospital, and nursing services. Individuals must receive initial services and care within 14-days after the motor vehicle accident and payment is contingent on the covered person being diagnosed with an emergency medical injury. PIP also pays 60 percent of work loss and a $5,000 death benefit.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) Coverage

UM pays for an accidental bodily injury, sickness, or disease, including death, when such an injury is the result of an automobile accident and the at-fault party does not have Bodily Injury (BI) Coverage or has liability limits lower than what is needed.

Medical Payments (Med Pay) Coverage

This coverage can pay reasonable expenses for necessary medical and funeral services due to a bodily injury or death sustained in an automobile accident, regardless of fault.

Comprehensive or Other than Collision Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage pays for damage to a vehicle from incidents other than a collision including: fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism or flood. It also covers damages caused by falling objects or from hitting an animal.

Collision Coverage:

Collision Coverage can pay for repair or the actual cash value of the insured’s vehicle if it collides with another vehicle, flips over, or crashes into an object (except animals), regardless of who causes the accident.

Towing & Labor Coverage

This coverage provides coverage for emergency road service (at the scene) and towing up to the limits shown on the policy.

Rental Reimbursement

This can provide reimbursement for automobile rental up to a specified limit shown on the policy. It applies if the insured gets into an accident with their own automobile and can no longer drive it, and usually if the auto is stolen. Some insurance companies will have the insured rent/lease the replacement vehicle and then submit receipts for reimbursement.


Good Driving Record

Student away at school without vehicle

Longevity with a company

Good Student

Driving a Safe Car

Student with drivers education course

Air Bags

Anti-theft devices

Low annual miles

Drivers over 50 years old

Multiple cars insured with a company

Own a home

Anti-lock brake system

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